Pottery with purpose.

We provide dignified work to people with employment barriers. Each purchase helps people thrive.

  • Handmade ceramics

    We have a variety of wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery that are just as much fun to look at as they are to use.

  • Pottery classes

    We offer a variety of adult and children’s classes as well several specialty workshops.


Our pottery pieces become more than just objects to use. They become vessels for meaning as they are used in daily rhythms and gatherings with loved ones. They carry on memories of those we hold dear. Every piece is unique just like the people who use them. They become a symbol of the beauty of imperfections and the stories that made them.

Classes and Workshops

Unleash your creativity

Sign up for one of our pottery classes or workshops this fall. We have a range of options for people of all ages and interests. Try out a one-off event with one of our specialty workshops or try out one of our adult wheel classes.

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  • Supporting artists

    We employ people living with barriers to work including physical limitations and mental health challenges. We also pay them a fair wage.

  • Celebrating imperfection

    Part of the beauty of handmade ceramics is that no two pieces are exactly alike. There is a unique beauty that resides in each piece all to its own.

  • Bringing joy

    Over the years our studio has grown into a meaningful community. We love what we do and doing it with others is part of what makes it fun.